Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia and How to Choose the Right One for You

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Expanding your business to foreign countries is a big step to take, but using the right digital marketing agency could help you ensure your dart hits the target. If you want to expand your business or promote your products or services to the Cambodian market, here we have collected a list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia. “Great marketing agency should be able to save you time and deliver superior results in the long term.”

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Cambodia

All Digital Marketing Agencies might be different in some way, from team size to talents, to their unique workflows, and all will factor into how they operate your campaigns. This list does not range from best to worst, or those who are not here are not trustworthy. So these are our recommendations based on their specialties.

1. Kouprey Creative Solution

Kouprey Creative Solution started in 2014, with only a team of two graphic designers. The firm grew exponentially and is well recognized as the leading marketing agency in Cambodia. 

2. Hybrid Advertising Agency

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Hybrid Advertising Agency is one of the leading Activation marketing agencies, it has built a long-standing reputation in the field, and has organized activation campaigns from booths in a mall, to a concert.

3. Impact Advertising

Impact Advertising was founded in 2010, by a team of technology enthusiasts and market-savvy professionals, utilizing SEO, SEM, social media management, and website development as their main service.

4. Bizkhmer Media

Bizkhmer Media has only been started in 2018 and is one of the fast-growing digital marketing agencies in Cambodia, focusing on data-driven marketing and branding solutions for SMEs in Cambodia.

5. Khemera Media and Digital Solution 

Khemera Media and Digital Solution provide typical digital media services, but on top of that, they also create on-site experiences and utilize VR & AR technology.

6. 8TEEN Communication

8TEEN Communication is a young but the first influencer specializing in digital marketing agency in Cambodia, founded in 2018, 8TEEN has built an extensive profile of GenZ influencers to work with your project.

7. Melon Rouge

Melon Rouge is a creative consultancy specializing in communication, established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Melon Rouge has an international team of experts in Sales, Research, Strategy, Design, and Experience. Working with local development projects and the social sector.

8. Oxygen Media Group 

Oxygen Media Group is a data-driven media agency capitalizing on both offline and online media production. With ‘Muse Society’ under this group, it is one of Cambodia’s leading influencer marketing agencies.

9. Bamnang Creative Innovation

Bamnang Creative Innovation is one of the fastest-growing digital media agencies in Cambodia, having a team consisting of Gen-Y and Gen-Z, the team helps many brands produce creative and attractive content.

10. Krud Media

Krud Media is a SiemReap-based digital media agency and one of the largest in the province, with a digital media service and production crew, creating small-size commercial content and photography.

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for the right campaign you have in mind is essential, or you are looking for a marketing agency that helps you look for the most impactful campaign. While the stake is high and switching costs are expensive, you would want to study them carefully.

  • Get Referrals
    If you already have a business partner or a trusted friend who knows this market well, you can ask them to recommend a good marketing agency for you. It will be more trustworthy if your partner has reused use the marketing agency’s service and knows that they can deliver great results.
  • Do Your Own Research!
    If you don’t have anyone refer you to any trusted agency, this list we have compiled might be useful as an introduction. Even though it’s always in your favor to take it further and clarify before committing your time with an agency. You will need to do your own background check. The best way is to ask them about their happy clients and then try to check if that client is really happy with their service or not.
  • Let the agency introduce their credentials and teams to you.
    If you found the agency with the services or portfolio of your desire, reach out to them! Set an appointment for them to introduce their agency to you online, or in person, it’s always better to get into talking quickly.
  • Sign the NDA brief and let them present their idea.
    You don’t have to have a full-fledged plan to approach an agency, just your ambition, and a brief! It’s the digital marketing agency’s job to find the best strategy for your company, let them do the work!
  • Send briefs to multiple agencies and compare the work between them.
    If you are stuck between different choices of digital marketing agencies, test them out with your brief and see which agency delivers the most promising plan.
  • Start small then scale if they can deliver.
    let them start working on small projects first, then give them more work once they can deliver to you. 

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