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Myanmar Media Landscape 2021

From 2020 to 2021, the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the coup in Myanmar (which began in the morning of 1st February 2021) caused significant effects on media markets. Some businesses were disrupted due to lockdowns, and some were controlled and suspended by the Myanmar military.

It is expected that the pandemic and the coup will negatively impact businesses throughout 2021. However, some media markets have been unaffected and even benefited from this as they launch their contents remotely through the digital channels.  Continue Reading “Myanmar Media Landscape 2021”

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Grow Your Brand By Knowing Myanmar Women’s Beauty Products Buying Insight

         Social media and online websites have become a central platform to check the quality and effectiveness of beauty products. Through this article, we will share the insights of women’s beauty products. This essential knowledge will be effective guidance in gaining market share or penetrating the beauty segment of the Myanmar market. Continue Reading “Grow Your Brand By Knowing Myanmar Women’s Beauty Products Buying Insight”

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Myanmar Housewives Insights: Buying Product for Kitchen

           Since a long time ago, fresh markets have been the number one and only choice for Myanmar housewives when they need to buy something. Now in 2020, the number of modern trade channels is increasing rapidly in Myanmar. Especially in Urban areas, supermarkets and shopping centers are the new choices for quality and better service. Continue Reading “Myanmar Housewives Insights: Buying Product for Kitchen”