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Cambodia, the land of opportunity! During this time of political stability, the Cambodian market has become the best CLMV market for businesses to penetrate. 

Thai media and big brands have a long history of dominating the Cambodian market and established idealized “quality” products for Cambodians. Local merchants have imported varieties of Thai products into Cambodia for so long, that people trusted and preferred Thai brands over any other importing countries. This has given the edge for brands to expand themselves or establish deep roots in the Cambodian market easily.  

Long established and local brands remained dependent on analog, newspaper, TV, and radio podcasts medium for so long until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The rise of social media users in Cambodia is more than ever during this pandemic, 73.9% of the population in 2022 is active on social media, compared to just 3 years ago, in 2019 only 51% of Cambodian people were online. In a crisis, people thrive on social connections and we spend much more time online and on social media; This is now the opportunity for changes, not everyone is ready, we’re all still adapting to this new fast pace digital era and brands should grab this opportunity swiftly to tap into this giant pool of audiences and potential customers.

Anyhow, to utilize the tools and platform for your brands to enter efficiently and effectively, we need to know what are the available resources? And what do the masses like?

With the help of our Cambodian team, we have compiled our studies on the media landscape in Cambodia, including offline, online media, influencer marketing, and eCommerce trends.


There are 19 analog and 8 digital TV stations in Cambodia’s television broadcasting industry, along with two cable TV service providers in Phnom Penh that bundle access to both local and international channels.

Television accounts for 96% of Cambodian viewers and is the most popular media type in Cambodia. It is also an important channel for accessing news, as 57% of Cambodians say they watch TV to access the news, while the most popular programs are comedy, concerts, and foreign dramas (Media Ownership monitor Cambodia, 2021).

In 2021, Cambodia’s three leading regional broadcasters CBS, HangMeas, and BTV signed a joint venture agreement to establish Cambodia TV Alliance Co. Ltd., a public-private partnership that manages Cambodia’s national digital television forum. (Khmer Time, 2021). Meanwhile, the CNC TV station has recently begun to dismiss about 20 media and technicians, citing the reasons behind the financial crisis (Sopheakpanha, 2021).

Print Media

According to the Ministry of Information, Cambodia has 93 magazines and 22 breaking newsletters (Bunthoeurn, 2022). Only 11% of Cambodians read magazines, newspapers, or both  (Media Ownership monitor Cambodia, 2021).

Koh Santepheap Daily is the most popular newspaper in Cambodia (International Media & Newspaper, 2019 ). Koh Santepheap has become the most widely read paper in the country due to its scoops on crime stories. (KAS, 2009).

However, the print media industry adapts its business to change by creating websites. This also means that the younger generation and Internet users will also be able to read news and entertainment online. Example: Koh Santepheap Newspapers switched to a website to create Santepheap TV. Alternatively, Koh TV has become a recent trademark of his company by reaching viewers with social media, Facebook, and YouTube as their main channels.

The massive lockdown in Phnom Penh has restricted most work-related trips, so the rest of Cambodia’s traditional media has suspended print editions, but news continues to publish as usual on their websites and social media platforms (Sarath, 2021).


Cambodia has 83 FM radio stations in the Phnom Penh region alone and 137 FM radio stations in the state. There is only one AM radio station in the capital (Bunthoeurn, 2022). Radio has become less popular with the advent of the Internet and is ranked third in the media after television and online, reaching 35% of viewers for entertainment purposes rather than listening to political programs (Media ownership Monitor Cambodia, 2021).

By far the most popular radio is ABC Cambodia Radio (one in four Cambodians listen), and the most popular radio shows are Radio Free Asia (RFA) and Voice of America (VOA). Yes, it is broadcast on 15 different radio stations nationwide.


Top Social Media platforms in Cambodia.

  1. Facebook: There were 12 845 400 Facebook users in Cambodia in December 2021, which accounted for 74.6% of its entire population. The majority of them were men – 55.3%. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (5 100 000). The highest difference between men and women occurs among people aged 25 to 34, where men lead by 700 thousands. (Napoleoncat, 2021)
  2. Telegram: It has become a popular messaging and news consumption app following the prime minister’s order for government officers to use Telegram for work communication. It has been popularized, so news and advertising outlets also publish it on their own Telegram channel.
  3. TikTok: rising stars of social media, with the mass influx of users of all ages, TikTok has become a more engaging platform for young people, raising new influencers and new types of content.
  4. Instagram: the most popular app among Cambodian young adults. Currently estimated there are about 1,963,300 users and 39.9% are between 18-24 years old. Young people use Instagram for showing their lifestyle, fashion and others. 
  5. YouTube: according to SocialBakers, most Cambodian people use YouTube to consume news and entertaining videos. YouTube’s temporary removal of AdSense for Cambodia, discourages new content creators/Youtuber to create on YouTube, and move to Facebook, which is not as optimized for video content.

There are 8.86 million internet users and 12 million social media users in January 2021.  There are about 1.1 million internet users and 2.3 million social media users increased during 2020-2021, the number is seen to be growing rapidly in Cambodia. (Datareportal, 2021)



Businesses in Cambodia have shifted to influencer marketing drastically during the lockdown. Celebrities are focusing on their social media presents. And more than ever, they gained a massive following. The same can be said of the new rising young influencers popping up in the landscape. Businesses can utilize this opportunity to attract an entire field of new audiences and customers. We gather our top picks profile of social media stars in Cambodia in the list below.

Cambodia’s top celebrities on social media

  • Mean Sonyta | FB Link  | Followers: 1.2 million | Pros: Famous model and actor.
  • Aok Sokunkanha | FB Link  | Followers: 1.4 million | Pros: Cambodia’s top female singer.
  • Kong Chan Sreymom | FB Link  | Followers: 1 million | Pros: Multi-talent actress, emcee, and family-oriented model.
  • Pich Solika | FB Link  | Followers: 848.8k | Pros: Trending actress, singer, and model.
  • Pich Sophea | FB Link  | Followers: 837.9k | Pros: Singer and Song-writer.

Kong ChanSreymom

Cambodia travel influencers

  • ChavmeanupSamedy  | YT  Link  | Followers: 209k | Pros: one of the early travel vloggers in Cambodia.
  • RainieDara  | IG  Link  | Followers: 591k | Pros: Beautiful photography and variety of food and location.
  • Frost Zk Cambodia MotoVlog  | FB  Link  | Followers: 325k | Pros: unique and extreme solo traveling vlog

Cambodia food influencers

  • FoodbuzzCambodia | FB  Link  | Followers: 140k | Pros: food review, news, and trendy recommendations.
  • TepBoprek | FB  Link  | Followers: 2.3 million | Pros: famous singer and Mukbang, food review channel both on YouTube and Facebook.
  • ផ្លូវជាតិ Facetaste | FB  Link  | Followers: 240k | Pros: Consistent upload and quality video contents

Cambodia game streamers & influencers

  • Krita | FB  Link  | Followers: 1.3m| Pros: MOBA/GTAV Roleplay streamer, cute, attracts both male and female audiences.
  • Noobie GMK | FB  Link  | Followers: 741k | Pros: Variety streamer, tech guru.
  • Ream Angkor | FB  Link  | Followers: 356k| Pros: Gaming Community leader, hosted many local tournaments, game caster.

Hello I’m Krita

E-commerce Trends 

Cambodia was dropping the e-commerce ladder even before the pandemic. The country is down five spots from 122 to 117 out of 152 countries in the 2020 UNCTAD B2C E-commerce Index – a marker of its e-commerce progress in recent years (UNCTAD, 2021), (UNCTAD, 2019).

Cambodian businesses still work primarily in cash, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals, employers, and businesses to move to online platforms that are driving the growth of e-commerce and e-services increase (Kunmakara, 2021).

However, by 2020 these issues have already been addressed. The draft e-commerce law has been approved by the National Assembly, there is a surge in demand for digital and online payments, and the economy in Cambodia has been strong over recent years resulting in a growing middle class and a willing market.

Here is an example of Cambodia’s e-commerce site in 2020

  • Cambo Ticket is still at the top of popular online travel platform websites in Cambodia. Cambodia People can book bus tickets, taxis, or ferries on their website. It includes various payment options including credit or debit cards and bank cooperation.
  • Delicio App: Provides a marketplace to bring stores online for both products and services.
  • L192 (Little Fashion): is an online fashion site in Cambodia that offers apparel, footwear, bags, accessories, and/or beauty products. (Beststartup, 2021)

L192 Online Shop


Although Cambodian’s respectable forex is the riel, the United States greenback is likewise used as a method of fee withinside the country. As currently as 2017, it becomes an idea that the Cambodian marketplace become sluggish to undertake virtual free apps, however, this has been modified in a quick length of time, as a minimum within side the city centers of Cambodia.

More than five million Cambodians have formal financial institution money owed as of early 2021 with over seventy-four percent of residents no longer having a financial institution account (Agency, 2021). In Cambodia, the quantity of latest customers using the net fee technique has grown exponentially with the aid of using 3.8%. Cambodian customers have many alternatives such as the use of cell cash offerings consisting of Wing, ABA, TrueMoney, E-money, Bakong, etc.

QR Code payment in a coffee shop | Image Credit: Andreas Dara Hout


These data shown have proven the transition of Cambodia’s digital era. With our expertise and experience with the CLMV market, here in Happio, we can help you further study, research, and plan marketing strategies precisely for your brands to enter the CLMV market effectively. Don’t hesitate to chat with us, and address what you need, our Cambodian local team is ready to help, any problem, anytime!

Written by Sao Somphors


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