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After 2 years of struggling with the global pandemic, COVID-19, Vietnam has well performed its national tasks on vaccine coverage for the whole country. As of March 2022, Vietnam has become the 7th country in the world with the highest vaccination coverage rate, with 82.62% (According to Our World in Data).

Taking advantage of the growth recovery momentum of Q4/2021, after successfully controlling the epidemic, Vietnam’s economy in Q1/2022 has had positive growth marks, accompanied by macroeconomic stability. According to Marketpro by WorldDataLabs; According to the McKinsey Global Institute analysis, Vietnam’s consumer class in the next decade could add 37 million people.

With the development potential of the Vietnamese market, this is an important milestone for domestic and foreign enterprises to start participating in economic competition. In this article, the author wants to provide readers with information about the status and trends of the Vietnamese Media market in 2022, about traditional media, online media, influencer marketing, and eCommerce trends.


As of January 2022, Vietnam has a total of 69 million Internet users, with an internet penetration rate of 77.4%, an increase of 4.9% compared to 2021 (According to a report by Statista). The reported figures are surveyed based on Internet users aged 16 – 64 years:

  • About Brand Discovery: The majority of Vietnamese people discover new brands through two main channels: Search Engines (Search Engines) with 37% and Television Advertising (Ads on Television) with 36.2%.
  • About Brand Research: The most popular brand search channel in Vietnam is social networks (Social Networks) with 62.6%, second is search engines (Search Engines) with 56.6% and third is evaluation. from consumers (Consumer Reviews) with 40%.
  • About Total Digital Ad Spend: Despite Covid-19, the total digital ad spending in 2021 is estimated at $290 million, up 9.2% compared to 2020.

Top 10 Websites in Viet Nam

According to a report by SEMrush, below is a list of websites with the most visitors in the first half of 2022 by Vietnamese people.


WebsiteVisit (per month)Bounce Rate


Google.com422,518,362   45.85%




3 Facebook.com172,604,903



true full.vn96,560,96232.17%








8 wikipedia.org47,499,320




10 kenh14.vn30,664,565



Top 10 Applications in Vietnam

Data from GSMA Intelligence shows that there were 156.0 million cellular mobile connections in Vietnam at the start of 2022. However, note that many people around the world use more than one mobile connection – for example, they might have one connection for personal use, and another for work – so it’s not unusual for mobile connection figures to significantly exceed figures for the total population.

From work to entertainment, there is the presence of smartphones, through mobile applications (smartphone apps). Accordingly, the habit of using the website has also gradually shifted to mobile apps with more convenience for users. Here are the top 10 mobile applications with the most users in Vietnam according to Q&Me on the two app stores CH Play and App Store.


Facebook currently holds a dominant position in the mobile application platform when it has 58 million users in Vietnam and more than 2 billion users worldwide. In Vietnam, 84% of all smartphone users use the Facebook application. At the same time, this application also has the largest number of users in the world.


As a Vietnamese application, Zalo has the second largest number of users with 58% of smartphone users. Zalo is an application specializing in texting and video chatting when it was first born, then it was upgraded with many more features such as newsletters, sending high-quality photos, and sending files.

User age statistics table of 2 applications Facebook and Zalo. It can be seen that Facebook has a lot of young people (18-24) and Zalo is loved by older people, probably because Zalo’s privacy best in the world.


Largest free user-uploaded video viewing site. This application accounts for 17% of all smartphone users. The main audience of Youtube is young people.

Facebook Messenger

This is Facebook’s messaging app. This app accounts for 12% of all mobile users. This application has been upgraded with more features for users, the main highlight is the rich emoji icon store, recently a story feature for users to update their status with photos.


Gmail is an application from Google that allows users to send email messages. This application is mainly used by adults for work. Perhaps this is the only application that is not an entertainment or shopping application in this top 10.


Shopping application of e-commerce platform Lazada. This application accounts for 8% of all smartphone users. As consumers move shopping habits to mobile phones, online shopping applications are also used by users with more convenience.


As an application specializing in posting photos and videos that have just appeared in the last few years but have created a great buzz in the social networking community, Instagram has now been acquired by Facebook. The impressive point of this application is that it allows users to edit photos online with a store of beautiful and diverse effects.

User age statistics table of Youtube and Instagram. Youtube has a more mass user age and Instagram is mainly for young people.


This is a Google search browser application that allows users to find information faster.


Shopee is the online shopping application of the Shopee e-commerce platform. With aggressive advertising campaigns with great deals for customers, this application has been in the 9th position in terms of the number of users. User statistics table of Lazada and Shopee by demographic. It can be seen that these two applications have a large number of female users who have worked and have income.


Viber is an instant messaging software Along with text messages, users can exchange pictures, videos, and audio.


Today, consumers receive communication messages on many channels and through many different devices. Demographic characteristics as well as user attitudes and behaviors have increased the power of users, creating pressure on brands in how to reach them, and how to bring the most suitable experience for users but must be optimized with enterprise resources

Top 3-5 TV Channels in Vietnam

TV Program on VTV1 Channel

Image credit: Vietnam Television (VTV)

According to a report by Kantar Media’s TNS Media Vietnam, Kantar noted that TV is the media tool with the largest coverage in Vietnam, with 85% of the country’s coverage. However, the report also highlights the issue of viewer habits that have a great influence on the effectiveness of this form of communication.

Intending to transform digital technology according to the global trend, Vietnam television technology of National Television VTV, has promoted the development and diversified types of reception and transmission services, including television. terrestrial TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and Internet TV, … with hundreds of channels broadcasting 24/24h.

Thanks to the proactive diversification of services provided, the communication audience of businesses is also expanded. The right golden times to advertise on VTV are during dinner, before and after National News (18-20h); during the break of online movies that are trending and attract a large number of viewers (from 8 pm to 10 pm).

With the remaining time frames, the cost will be cheaper for businesses that want to advertise, but the target audience will be mainly rural people and people who have little (or no) use of the Internet. Below is a summary table comparing advertising costs and effectiveness of the 5 most-watched TV channels in Vietnam, compiled by the author from internal sources:


ChannelGolden HoursAdvertising Cost (Golden Hour)Reach (per minute)

Vietnam Television (VTV)

VTV1 (News)07h00 – 09h00$650/ 30s


20h00 – 20h10

$2800/ 30s

VTV3 (Entertainment Program Production)

20h00 – 21h00$9000/ 30s


Ho Chi Minh City Television

HTV7 (Science – Sports – Entertainment – Advertising)19h55$1200 – $4300/ 30s30,000
HTV9 (News – Politics – General)19h45 – 20h15$1080 – $1300/ 30s


VTC Digital TelevisionVTC1 (General)17h – 18h$1080 / 30s


Source: Compiled by the author


Top 3-5 Print Media in Vietnam

Nhân Dân Newspaper

Image credit:

According to experts, the newspaper market in Vietnam is currently experiencing a decrease in revenue from advertising and media services, partly because of the strict control of the state as well as the needs of the people. changes after COVID-19. The types of magazines and newspapers that are popular in the 1 year are mainstream newspapers, specializing in providing information about Health and the Economy to the people. According to a report by the Ministry of Information and Communications (Ministry of Information and Communications), the country has 848 newspapers and magazines, with advertising revenue reaching 65 million USD/year.

About the official newspaper in Vietnam, the newspaper is published with a dense circulation (daily), with a large circulation and nationwide coverage. However, the readers of the Newspaper are mostly middle-aged to old people (45 years old and older), it is difficult to measure the conversion rate. Newspaper advertising will be suitable for campaigns with aggressive advertising messages, which need a widespread.

Besides, it is undeniable that the coverage of magazines specializing in many fields such as Fashion, Beauty, and Entrepreneur, … is receiving much love from Vietnamese readers. The magazine’s weakness is its low distribution density, which covers urban areas. Due to the high cost of distribution (print quality), the target audience requires depth, so the advertising messages need to be in-depth, consistent with the concept of the newspaper, and bring strong emotions that are easy to lead. to conversion. Below is a summary of popular newspapers and magazines in Vietnam:

Paper/ Magazine

Advertising Cost (varies on ad placement)Publish Amount

Báo Nhân Dân

$130 – $1380 200,000 – 220,000 /day

Báo Tuổi trẻ

$170 – $1380500,000 / day
Tạp chí doanh nhân Việt Nam$560 – $5600

45,000/ month

Tạp chí Đẹp$1030 – $8500

49,000/ month

Harper’s Bazaar Việt Nam$40 – $650

20,000/ month

Source: Compiled by the author

Top 3-5 Radio in Vietnam

Characteristics of radio viewers in Vietnam include: most of them have jobs that involve using a lot of transportation (cars, trucks, containers), need to listen to the radio about traffic and Brief information, love exchange programs, make friends.

Ranked from small to large, the types of radio advertising that are favored by Vietnamese people include: Live Mention, Radio Ads, Radio Trailers, columns and sponsored programs. Depending on each communication package, brands can choose one or more different types of advertising to introduce their products to the public.

  • Live Mention (Direct Mention) can be understood as a small conversation situation with a duration of 60s (180 characters) or 120s (360 characters) between broadcasters, in which the product is mentioned.
  • Radio Ads and Radio Trailers are fixed combinations of sounds, including voices, music, sounds, etc., built based on an existing script to promote or introduce a new product. 
  • Sponsored column or program is a period of time on radio that is acquired by businesses and partners for the purpose of promoting names, products, and other communication purposes.

Below is a summary of popular radio stations in Vietnam:


ContentGolden HoursAdvertising Cost (Golden Hour/ 60s)


Traffic Updates6h15 – 9h15

10h30 – 12h

16h30 – 19h40

VOV1News6h28 – 6h30






Source: Compiled by the author


To do good communication, breakthrough, and bring success to the brand after each campaign is not easy for anyone. Brands struggle to get their message across to their target audience. However, this is quite easy for influencers, they just need to take a photo or share a few lines on their personal social networks to reach and receive feedback from thousands of people.

Viet Nam Top Celebrities on Social Media

Tran Thanh / MC and Comedian

  • Tran Thanh | FB Link | Followers: 19M | Pros: MC, Comedian
  • Son Tung MTP | FB Link | Followers: 14M | Pros: Singer, Producer
  • Vo Hoai Linh | FB Link | Followers: 12M | Pros: Comedian
  • Tran Khoi My | FB Link | Followers: 11M | Pros: Singer
  • Hariwon | FB Link | Followers: 11M | Pros: Singer, Actress
  • Ho Quang Hieu | FB Link | Followers: 10M | Pros: Singer

Viet Nam Travel Influencers

Le Ha Truc / Model and Blogger

  • Le Ha Truc | Facebook: 128K followers | Instagram: 290K followers | FB Link | IG Link | Pros: Model, actress, business and lifestyle blogger very famous among young people who love to travel
  • Dinh Vo Hoai Phuong (Khoai Lang Thang): Facebook: 1,9M followers; Instagram: 161K followers; YouTube: 1,85M followers | FB Link | IG Link | YT Link | Pros: Focus on travel experiences, domestic cuisine
  • Tran Quang Dai: Facebook: 1M followers; Instagram: 744K followers; YouTube: 36,8K followers | FB Link | YT Link | IG Link |  Pros: A model, a travel vlog loved by young people with a series of travel videos, check-in at many famous places in the world.

Viet Nam Food Influencers

Ninh Tito / Food Reviewer

  • Ninh Tito | Youtube: 829K subscribers | Instagram: 253K followers | YT Link | IG Link | Pros: The food Reviewer is handsome with a funny and engaging narration.
  • An Sap Sai Gon | Youtube: 71.5K subscribers | Community: 634K members | YT Link | Community Link | Pros: Food Reviewer is the most psychological, not only reviewing dishes like other Bloggers but also making a “Food trip” for each district in Saigon.
  • Dino Vu | Facebook: 91K followers | Instagram: 130K followers | Youtube: 431K subscribers |  FB Link | IG Link  | YT Link | Pros: His videos about life, as well as sharing about the culinary field to viewers. He is also a person who inspires viewers through environmental protection actions when limiting the use of plastic bags as well as replacing plastic products with recyclable items.

Viet Nam Game Streamers & Influencers

Do Mixi / Game Streamer

  • Do Mixi | Youtube: 6.34M subscribes | YT Link | Pros: Possesses a humorous, witty and somewhat “rude” way of talking.
  • Pew Pew | Youtube: 3.6M subscribes | YT Link | Pros: Streamer full of power and fame, appearing on many fronts, from games, emotions, gameshows, or even startups,
  • Xemesis | Youtube: 1.18M subscribes | YT Link | Pros:  A streamer with friendly and witty talking, suitable for upper-class brands.
  • Cris Devil Gamer  | Youtube: 10.4M subscribes | YT Link | Pros: Streaming games like League of Legends, PUBG, or popular offline games, and quickly attracted a large fan base thanks to his wit and grace.


In the context of the Covid epidemic still raging, the economy was severely affected. However, taking that opportunity, the Vietnamese e-commerce platform emerged as a bright spot with certain development steps.

According to statistics, 30.8% of Vietnamese people over 15 years old have an account with a financial institution, of which 4.1% use credit cards, 33% use mobile payment services and 82.4% of Internet users spend money on digital content (Ebook, music download, …). In e-commerce White Book 2020 stated the tremendous growth of Vietnam’s e-commerce in 2019 through 2020 despite the after effect of the global pandemic with sales amounting to 10.08 billion USD and 13 billion USD in 2020 with the growth rate of 30% and will continue to expand even further toward 2025. Consequently, thanks to the drastic expansion of Vietnam’s e-commerce, Vietnam is the third fastest-growing e-commerce market in SEA.

At the same time, the report also shows the specific amount of spending for each category, including

  • 3.18 billion for travel, transportation, and housing (-40.5%).
  • 1.57 billion for electronic devices (+32.6%)
  • 1.44 billion for fashion and beauty (+37.2%)
  • 1.09 billion for home appliances and furniture (+33.6%)
  • 1.02 billion for food and personal care products (+45.9%)

Shopee Viet Nam

Rookie Shopee has a rapid breakthrough to the Top 1 position on the rankings and is a bright spot for the Vietnam e-commerce platform in 2022.

  • Website address:
  • Web traffic per month: 42 million visits
  • iOS Rating: Top 1
  • Android Rating: Top 1

It can be said that Shopee is a mobile shopping platform that has become the most popular shopping application in Vietnam today, operating under the B2C e-commerce model.


Ranked 2nd on this list is Lazada

  • Website address:
  • Web traffic per month: 33 million visits
  • iOS Rating: Top 2
  • Android Rating: Top 2

Lazada operates under both B2C and C2C models. This e-commerce platform does not provide all goods and services, but mainly creates an online trading floor for stores registered to sell on the website, the company only guarantees online transactions and management. stores, customers.


  • Website address:
  • Web traffic per month: 36 million visits
  • iOS Rating: Top 3
  • Android Rating: Top 3


Tiki is one of the leading online shopping websites in Vietnam owning more than 800,000 customers and providing up to 120,000 products in 10 different categories such as Books, Beauty – Health, Home – Life, Phones – Tablets, Digital Devices – Digital Accessories, Household Electrical Appliances, Stationery Equipment, Mother and Baby, Toys – Souvenirs, Sports – Picnics with triple sales growth each year. TiKi’s delivery network serves the whole country, free of charge for all orders from 250,000 VND, only in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from 150,000 VND.

The Gioi Di Dong

Holding the top 4 positions is The Gioi Di Dong’s website.

  • Website address:
  • Web traffic per month: 30 million visits
  • iOS Rating: Top 7
  • Android Rating: Top 6 store chain was established in 2004 specializing in retailing mobile digital products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and electronic accessories with nearly 1,000 supermarkets in 64 provinces across the country. Vietnam.


The top 5 of the list of leading e-commerce websites in Vietnam belongs to

  • Website address:
  • Web traffic per month: 26 million visits
  • iOS Rating: Top 4
  • Android Rating: Top 4

In September 2012, officially launched Vietnam’s e-commerce playground. Is an online buying and selling website of FPT Corporation to connect buyers and sellers nationwide, operating under the B2C2C model (business-to-consumer-to-consumer).


According to Allied Market Research, with a compound growth rate of up to 30.2% annually between 2020 and 2027, the mobile payment market in Vietnam could reach $2,732 billion by 2027. During the period COVID-19, the use of e-wallets in Vietnam is increasingly popular thanks to the cashless trend to protect the health, including the following e-wallets:


Number of users: 4 million people

MoMo is said to be the e-wallet that put the first “brick” into the e-wallet market in Vietnam, with the advantage of going ahead, MoMo continuously puts pressure on competitors thanks to attractive preferential policies. In Vietnam, MoMo e-wallet can pay at almost all shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. In addition, customers can also pay all kinds of bills such as electricity, water, Internet, money. phone,…

Zalo Pay

Number of users: 2.5 million people

Zalo Pay

Image credit:

Zalo Pay has the advantage in terms of market share when they are integrated on the Zalo application – the most famous online messaging and calling application in Vietnam. With being integrated in Zalo, Zalo Pay e-wallet can be used directly without downloading additional applications or registering a new account.

Viettel Pay

Number of users: 2.5 million people

Under the leadership of Viettel, Viettel Pay e-wallets are well received by many people since they can create virtual VISA cards on the application. You may not know, the registration of VISA and MasterCard cards at banks will face a lot of difficulties, even the maintenance fee is very high. The support to create virtual VISA on Viettel Pay has solved all those problems, especially since they are more convenient than using physical cards. Viettel Pay e-wallet is being integrated into Viettel’s ecosystem and you can perform any money transfer, top-up, card opening, wallet opening at Viettel Store branches (present in 63 provinces).


Number of users: 1.4 million people

All development efforts of Shopee are beneficial for the ShopeePay e-wallet because these are two products with benefits that go together because they belong to the same company (SEA Group). Shopee’s relentless development has helped ShopeePay e-wallets to quickly expand the market even though they appeared in the Vietnamese market relatively late.



These data have shown the transition of Viet Nam’s digital era. With our expertise and experience with the CLMV market, here in Happio, we can help you further study, research, and plan marketing strategies precisely for your brands to enter the CLMV market effectively. Don’t hesitate to chat with us, and address what you need, our Vietnamese local team is ready to help, any problem, anytime!


Written by Cuc Nguyen Thi Thu



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