Cambodia Media Landscape 2022

Cambodia, the land of opportunity! During this time of political stability, the Cambodian market has become the best CLMV market for businesses to penetrate. 

Thai media and big brands have a long history of dominating the Cambodian market and established idealized “quality” products for Cambodians. Local merchants have imported varieties of Thai products into Cambodia for so long, that people trusted and preferred Thai brands over any other importing countries. This has given the edge for brands to expand themselves or establish deep roots in the Cambodian market easily.  

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Marketing, Myanmar

Covid Vaccination Situations and Business Opportunities in the CLMV Countries

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 struck our world. We all realize how extreme it has affected us, no matter where you are. Streets were empty, hospitals were full, the economy was shutting down. Nowadays, things are on the upper side. Many countries are adjusting to a new normal life so well, they almost go back to the old normal. Which is very ideal.

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