Vietnam Media Landscape 2022

After 2 years of struggling with the global pandemic, COVID-19, Vietnam has well performed its national tasks on vaccine coverage for the whole country. As of March 2022, Vietnam has become the 7th country in the world with the highest vaccination coverage rate, with 82.62% (According to Our World in Data).

Taking advantage of the growth recovery momentum of Q4/2021, after successfully controlling the epidemic, Vietnam’s economy in Q1/2022 has had positive growth marks, accompanied by macroeconomic stability. According to Marketpro by WorldDataLabs; According to the McKinsey Global Institute analysis, Vietnam’s consumer class in the next decade could add 37 million people.

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Covid Vaccination Situations and Business Opportunities in the CLMV Countries

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 struck our world. We all realize how extreme it has affected us, no matter where you are. Streets were empty, hospitals were full, the economy was shutting down. Nowadays, things are on the upper side. Many countries are adjusting to a new normal life so well, they almost go back to the old normal. Which is very ideal.

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