Roles & Responsibility for Senior Full-Stack Developer
1. Analyze Requirements
1.1) Help clients clarify needs and invest in high value work.
1.2) Break down requirement and create needed work documentation.
1.3) Plan timeline, resource and budget effectively.
1.4) Research and choose tools effectively.
2. Deliver Quality Work & Support
2.1) Deliver work that can fulfill clients needs.
2.2) Finish Work On time
2.3) Deliver Quality Work (Bug Management, Security, Performance, SEO)
2.4) Can manage change well.
3. Coach & Build Team
3.1) Team can consult when stuck with problems.
3.2) Can improve team work and team performance.
3.3) Can inspire team to learn new technology and share ideas.
3.4) Have strategy to expand team and mange multiple projects.

1. 3-10 Years of Experience in software development.
2. Strong Knowledge in Website Development (PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML/HTML5, RESTful API’s, JQuery, JavaScript or JSON and Web frameworks.)
3. Experience in working with CMS (WordPress)
4. Experience in Server configuration and maintenance.
5. Experience in version control (e.g. GIT, Bitbucket)

1. Experience in Mobile App Development (iOs, Android or Hybrid)
2. Experience in working with E-Commerce and Payment Gateway.
3. Experience in SEO optimization.
4. Experience in Javascript framework (React, Angular, Vue etc.)
5. Experience in CI and CD

Happio Digital Team
Why we come to work? : Happiness & Great Work.
How we work?: Open Communication, Co-Creation and Continuous Improvement.
What we do?: Online Marketing, UX+UI & Design, Web+Mobile App Development.

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