Job Description for Graphic Designer  
– Can understand client needs
– Communicate design ideas and work with team to meet client’s needs.
– Propose solution for client that is creative and effective.
– Can improve work with client’s and user’s feedback.
– Can create artwork and animation for website and social media.
– Can manage work to meet deadline.

– Experience in related field for more than 1 Year.
– Interested in Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Application Design.
– Likes to Collaborate with creative, developers and marketing team
– Be open to receiving criticism and improving upon it
– Be able to work under pressure while maintaining a sense of humor
– Can create Gif artwork.
– Likes to draw. (Preferable)
– Can edit VDO and Create Animation. (Preferable)

Why work with Happio? 
Why we come to work? : Happiness & Great Work.
How we work?: Open Communication, Co-Creation and Continuous Improvement.
What we do?: Online Marketing, UX+UI & Design, Web+Mobile App Development.

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Office Location: Near Surasak BTS

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