Responsibility for Strategic Digital Planner 
1. Understand client’s business objective, goals and challenges.
2. Assert a leadership role in identifying client’s business opportunity.
3. Gather and evaluate qualitative, quantitative, and competitive data to identify and validate opportunities and deliver these insights in a compelling and digestible way.
4. Provide strategic insight, written briefs, and digital recommendations for clients and internal teams.
5. Work with cross-functional internal teams to identify and develop digital solutions that meet client needs.
6. Collaborate with and provide guidance for junior strategy team members.
7. Estimate Budget and Resource.
8. Mange Project to meet KPI.

1. 3-5 years experience as a planner or digital planner in advertising or related field.
2. Ability to effectively operate with high energy, flexibility, and a sense of humor in a fast paced business environment.
3. Strong conceptual and problem solving skills, with the ability to marry rigor with imagination.
4. Can build strong relationships with clients.
5. Ability to build strong relationships with both clients and internal team members.

Preferable (Optional)
1. Experience in Digital Agency
2. Strong interest in Social Enterprise and Organic Farming.
3. Likes to play music.
4. Likes to cook.

Strategic Planner
Strategic Planner

Why work with us? 
Why we come to work? : Happiness & Great Work.
How we work?: Open Communication, Co-Creation and Continuous Improvement.
What we do?: Online Marketing, UX+UI & Design, Web+Mobile App Development.

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