Exploring the Best Channels and Key Factors in Purchasing Myanmar’s Supplementary Products

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When it comes to purchasing supplementary products in Myanmar, there are various channels through which consumers discover and make their buying decisions. Understanding these channels and the key factors that influence purchasing decisions is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies in this emerging market. In this article, we will explore the primary channels through which consumers discover supplementary products and highlight the key factors that drive their purchasing decisions.

In 2019, Myanmar’s consumers are growing in health consciousness with more access to health information on social networks and applications. 86% of respondents indicated making healthier choices before purchasing products.    

Myanmar consumer insight

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Vitamin and mineral supplementary product from leading brands in Myanmar also use online channels to communicate quality information and build brand awareness with consumers.

Myanmar Supplementary Marketing

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Facebook is the main channel for Discovering Supplementary Products



“71.4% of respondents know the supplementary brand from Facebook.”

   The research found that Facebook is the dominant channel for consumers seeking information and shopping online for supplementary products in Myanmar. The majority of people use Facebook to find reliable sources of information and online stores offering these products. It serves as a platform for product recommendations, customer reviews, and engaging with brands.

Some people know the brand from offline and online shops, then go through Facebook to look for more information. 

The other factors have equivalent outcome at 14.3%, such as offline and direct channels, existing online store and recommendations from family and friends 


Having offline channels is also an advantage 


  • Offline and direct channels 

   A significant portion of consumers discover supplementary products through offline sources or direct contact with companies. This may involve visiting physical stores, attending product demonstrations, or engaging with sales representatives.

  • Existing Online Stores

   Some consumers discover supplementary products through existing online stores. These may include popular e-commerce platforms or dedicated online retailers that already have a presence in Myanmar.

  • Recommendations from Family or Friends via Online Websites

   Recommendations from trusted individuals, such as family members or friends, through online platforms also play a role in consumers’ discovery of supplementary products. These recommendations could come through personal messages, social media posts, or online forums.


How have they decided to buy supplementary product? 



“The price is right.”


For 33% of respondents, affordability is a crucial factor for consumers when deciding to purchase supplementary products. They tend to choose options that offer more competitive prices compared to other channels or brands. 

“Brand Reputation and Popularity”

   Consumers are more likely to purchase supplementary products from brands that have a strong reputation and are popular among their peers. Positive brand image and trustworthiness significantly influence their decision-making process.

“Online Consultation Services”

   The availability of online consultation services, where consumers can ask questions and seek guidance about the products, plays a role in their purchasing decisions. The ability to receive reliable information and personalized recommendations through online messaging platforms can greatly influence their choices.

“Free Delivery Services”

   Consumers value convenience and cost-saving benefits. Supplementary products that come with free delivery services or low shipping costs are likely to attract more buyers.

“Promotions and Offers”

   Promotions such as buy-one-get-one-free or discounted prices can sway consumers’ decisions. Special offers and deals encourage them to make a purchase, especially when they perceive added value or savings.


To effectively tap into the Myanmar market for supplementary products, businesses should consider optimizing their presence on Facebook and other relevant online platforms. Establishing a strong brand reputation, offering competitive pricing, providing online consultation services, and incorporating free delivery options can significantly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Additionally, running promotional campaigns that highlight attractive offers will help capture the attention of potential buyers.

By understanding the channels through which consumers discover products and the key factors influencing their decisions, businesses can develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with the Myanmar market. Embracing these insights and adapting their approach accordingly will enhance brand visibility, drive sales, and position businesses for success in Myanmar’s supplementary product market.


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