Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Myanmar and How to Choose The Right One For You

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Expanding your business to a foreign country is not easy but at least the marketing sector can be smooth and effective if you have the right Digital Marketing Agency that will carry out your business or promote products to the right target. Lately in Myanmar, even though the political situation is having a huge impact on the country’s economy and people’s lives, several businesses are still operating with different marketing strategies through available channels. “Therefore, businesses need to adjust and find new ways in order to be successful under these tough circumstances.”

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Myanmar

Here is the list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Myanmar that you may take references in considering to be 1 of your options. The agencies might be different in certain ways of their themes, team size, talents, unique workflows, and all will be factor into how they operate your campaigns. This list does not range from best to worst, or those who are not here are not trustworthy. So these are our recommendations based on their specialties’ research. 

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1. MCI Innovative Agency

MCI Innovative Agency is one of the subsidiaries under MCI Group which is headquartered in Switzerland. The agency is truly human centric, multi-award winner and located its offices in the United States, Thailand and Myanmar in 2013. They offer creative and modernized omnichannel strategic marketing and advertising services including design thinking, brand integration, campaign, and media production for over 150 of regional and global clients.

2. Mango Group

Mango Group is one of the leading creative media and advertising agency, founded by two local talents of Myanmar in 2004. They were working mainly with local clients and then expanded its scope to the international market after Myanmar’s economic climate changed in 2010. Therefore, they are able to deliver insightful and integrated brand building, campaign, public relationship, sponsorship management and strategic media planning for both online and offline platforms which align with local culture and behavior.

3. Zurich Marketing Group

Zurich is also a leading agency which was established in 2015 and provides end-to-end fully integrated and strategic marketing solutions, ranging from “Above the line” through to “Below the line” for any platforms. Unlike other agencies, they also offer out-of-home media, outdoor advertising posters and events such as annual parties, roadshow and shopping mall activities management.

4. ERA Myanmar

ERA Myanmar is an integrated PR agency, a merger between leading PR firm (Echo) and digital technology agency (Revo Tech) which have over 10 years experience in Myanmar. They are also a multi-award winning team with expertise in PR, creative brand communication and strategic reputation management. Moreover, they also provide technology and development services for clients’ websites, applications and digital products. Most of their clients are top local brand and multinational companies such as MPT, KBZ Bank, Unilever and Tencent.

5. Chilli Agency

Chilli Agency is also a popular marketing agency partnering with many reputable local and international brands. Their offices are based in Yangon and Singapore. Just like other agencies, they offer digital marketing, social media management, public relations, branding, web developments, photography and video production since they have their own studio.

6. Hap Eye Digital Marketing Agency

Hap Eye is a local based agency established in 2014. With capabilities of web design, technology, marketing and integrated digital strategy, they specialize in creative and integrated multi-channel marketing plans including SEO, PPC, PR, social and content. Now, they have developed new subsidiary under the name of Digital 

7. Pixellion 360

Pixellion 360 was established in 2014 and is a leading digital marketing agency from Myanmar which is offering full services of creative branding, social media marketing, paid media, SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, website development, influencer marketing and whitelabel partnerships. They are also sub-branding their creative and integrated services under Influenstars, Digital Rockstar, Friday Morning and Circle Production. Their clients include both local and international brands operating in five different countries.

8. Digital Dots Myanmar 

Digital Dots is a creative digital agency based in Yangon. It was started in 2014 by local talents with expertise in digital marketing, creative designing and web development. Thus, their specializations are more in creative design and web development for local and overseas clients with different industries.

9. Beyond 360 Myanmar

B360 is a marketing technology firm, founded by four local young talents. With their customer centric approach and creativity, they could have developed into the team with 30+ members and 45+ multinational clients  within 3 years. They are also the first HubSpot certified agency in Myanmar. Like other creative agencies, they offer a wide range of services in branding, integrated marketing, HubSpot CRM implementation and customer experience development.

10. Blink Agency

Blink Marketing Agency is one of popular local based digital agencies which has been working with different clients around the world from small startups to big firms over eight years. Their team consists of digital strategists, marketers, designers, producers and IT experts to deliver marketing solutions integrated with strategy, technology and design. They were also multiple shortlisted and awarded for Campaign’s Agency of the year prize.

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your business? 

Choosing the most suitable agency for your business is not such an easy case, especially in the middle of these different crises. It is a critical part to consider carefully since the stake and switching costs are high. Following tips may help you in somehow selecting the right one for your business. 

  • Get Referrals

If you already have a business partner or trustful friend who knows this market well already, you can ask for them to recommend a good marketing agency for you. It will be more trustworthy if your partner has already used the marketing agency’s service and knows that they can deliver great results. 

  • Do Your Own Research! 

If you don’t have anyone refer to any trusted agency, this list we have compiled might be useful as an introduction. Even though it’s always in your favor to take it further and clarify before committing your time with an agency. You will need to do your own background check. The best way is to ask them about their happy clients and then try to check if that client is really happy with their service or not. 

  • Let the agency introduce their credentials and teams to you.

If you found the agency with the services or portfolio of your desire, reach out to them! Set an appointment for them to introduce their agency to you online, or in person, it’s always better to get into talking quickly. 

  • Sign the NDA brief and let them present their idea. 

You don’t have to have a full-fledged plan to approach an agency, just your ambition, and a brief! It’s the digital marketing agency’s job to find the best strategy for your company, let them do the work!

  • Send briefs to multiple agencies and compare the work between them. 

If you are stuck between different choices of digital marketing agencies, test them out with your brief and see which agency delivers the most promising plan which best matches with your expectation.

  • Start small then scale out upon capability. 

You should let them start working on small projects first, then give them more work once they can deliver to you.

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