2023 Top Influencers in Myanmar By Industry

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If you’re expanding your business to Myanmar and want to use influencers in Myanmar, let’s find out the top Myanmar influencers that match your brand in this article.

Nowadays, the use of social media is gradually rising among different layers of generation. Since people like to spend their leisure time on the internet, social media influencers now turn to the mainstream of overwhelming online users. If you can see this from optimistic aspect, it is one of the effective channels to reach the target audience of your business. Digital marketing sector becomes a critical business function and integrates into influencer marketing to apply as strategic tool to promote your product. Using influencers can significantly gain attention and engagement of the audience on your business. Therefore, it is important to understand the expertise of the influencer, so that can be productive communication in your online marketing activities.

As expanding your business to Myanmar, influencer marketing plays a major role in penetrating the local market. Top influencers in Myanmar are powerful enough to trigger the audience’s interest in a business. Although social media is prohibited under the current situation, influencers in Myanmar are still widely used by both local and international brands. 

Here in this blog, we have done research to provide the list of influencers in Myanmar and is dedicated to contributing to your strategic plans somehow. Generally, they are decided on practical facts regarding followers, engagements, creation, style and their fields of expertise.


Top Beauty Influencers  

Beauty By Teddy 











She is a well-known beauty influencer who makes makeup tutorials and cosmetic product reviews. Lately, her popularity has been growing quickly and doing some live sales too. Her channel on Facebook has over 700K followers. 


Win Min Than











She is a lifestyle and beauty influencer. She creates contents about makeup tutorials, reviewing cosmetic products and sharing beauty knowledge. She collaborates with many local cosmetic brands like Bella and Healthy Heart. She has over 600K followers on Facebook channels. 










She is one of popular beauty bloggers. She started by creating makeup tutorials and reviewing cosmetic products lately. Her channel on Facebook has over 500K followers.


Top Food & Cooking Influencers

MPlay Food & Travel








They started as street food bloggers and adapted to be more entertaining by combining with self-cooking. There are two main characters of the channel, named Ko Omm who is eater and Ko Chak Gyi who is chef. They are well known for enormous eating style of Ko Omm and creative storylines. Their channel on Facebook has over 1.4M followers and is also available on Youtube. They mostly work with local restaurants, cooking and seasoning brands. 

Facebook  Youtube 

Ser Mal – စားမယ် 












He is also one of the popular food bloggers who started by creating videos that are like shows of eating large amounts of self-cooked food and street food. In most of his videos, he promotes local restaurants, products and seasoning brands. He gradually became more popular and now even served as brand ambassador of some local restaurants. His channel on Facebook has over 1.8M followers and is available on Youtube too. 

Facebook  Youtube 

San Myint Tun – Food Vlogger 








He is a food and cooking blogger, and became more popular from his very practical cooking contents in rural lifestyle. The way of his content creation is different from other normal bloggers and makes him noticeable. Lately, he is traveling and reviewing different restaurants around the country. His facebook channel has 1.2M followers currently and is available on Youtube too.  

Facebook  Youtube 

Top Game & Technology Influencers  









He started as a game streamer and became more popular due to his entertaining and hilarious talks during streaming. He is also one of awarding top influencers in Myanmar. Lately, he is focusing on video casting, film reviewing and brand promotion. His main platform is Facebook with over 1.6M followers and available on Youtube too. Some of the popular brands which promoted with him are Vivo, Brands and Pond’s. 

Facebook  Youtube 

TBH Labs 












He is a very well known reviewer of electronic devices like phone and laptop. Besides, he also creates video content about sharing modern technological knowledge. His review videos are interesting and understandable because they are short to the point and clear in explanation. His channel on Facebook has over 1.3M followers and is expanding on Youtube as well. Since he is a reviewer, he mostly works with international electronic brands like Vivo and Huawei. 

Facebook  Youtube

ဓာတ်ပုံဝါသနာရှင် တစ်ယောက် (A photography hobbyist)









He started by making videos about photography and cameras. Though, expanding his focus poll into more varieties makes him well known and received influencer of the year award. He does reviewing different products, sharing technological tips, street photography and also provides photography class. His channel on Facebook has over 600K followers and is available on Youtube too. 

Facebook  Youtube 


Top Automobile Influencers 












He makes review videos of cars and motorbikes, and sometimes creates cruising blogs. Most of his reviews are about sport vehicles and his Facebook channel with almost 400K followers can be described as a good reach among other individual reviewers.

Facebook  Youtube 

Car Seeker

They review not only cars, also vehicle related services and businesses. Their review videos are so detailed as user experience focusing and about all types from different car brands. They also create content about new car models which are not in the market yet. They are available on Facebook channel with almost 400K followers and Youtube channel too. 

Facebook  Youtube 

Top Lifestyle & Travel Influencers  

Thu Rayn Kyaw Moe & Christina Lim













They are a couple lifestyle and travel influencers but they run into two separate channels on Facebook. They create video contents about reviewing different kinds of products, sharing their envious lifestyle and traveling. Since they mainly focus on lifestyle, they collaborate with many local and international brands from different industries. Both of their channels on Facebook have over 700K followers and are available on Youtube as well. 

Facebook  Facebook Youtube Youtube 

Our Travel Diary












They are family lifestyle and travel influencers. They were already popular influencers before and started creating blogs and contents together after their marriage. Mostly, they work with both local and international brands like Samsung and Chivas, and also collaborate with other local influencers. Their Facebook channel has almost 600K followers currently and are available on Youtube as well. 

Facebook  Youtube 

Comedy in the city






He is a lifestyle content creator and became very popular from his acting and content storylines. His comedies can be trendy on social media and content ideas are creative enough to promote different brands and businesses. Lately, he is collaborating with local talented graphic and CGI creators for more amazing videos. His main channel on Facebook has over 2.3M followers and is available on Youtube too.

Facebook Youtube 

Top Celebrity Influencers 

Paing Takhon













He is one of the top models with an international image from Myanmar. He is also popular in neighboring countries as known as 23 Stunning South Asian Men. Being a top model, he works with international brands mostly and also as a major ambassador for brands such as Oppo and MG Motor. Currently, he has over 3.1M followers on Facebook. 

Facebook  Instagram 

Shwe Htoo 














He is a very well-known singer among teenagers and mid ages. Normally, his albums always peak and become trending songs on social media like TikTok. He also received Male Singer Award in certain years. Lately, he has been working to promote many local brands. His channel on Facebook has over 4M followers. 

Facebook   Instagram

Naw Phaw Eh Htar













She is a well-known growing popular model and actress. She mainly focuses on photo modeling, acting and has been appointed as brand ambassador for Telenor Myanmar, Free Fire and Sai cosmetic. Her channel on Facebook has over 4M followers. 

Facebook  Instagram

Pan Yaung Chel













She is a popular young singer and artist. Since her father is a well-known singer, she grew up with entertainment society and has skillful talents. Also, she has been modeling and acting in many films. She works with many local and international brands, and was even appointed as brand ambassador of Samsung Myanmar. Her channel on Facebook has over 3M followers. 

Facebook  Instagram


Leading Myanmar Influencers in Thailand 

Myo Myo 















He is a popular comedy actor among the Myanmar community in Thailand. He became popular from his short comedy films on TikTok. He also creates lifestyle, review and promotion videos for many burmese products and Thai brands like AIS. His channel on Facebook has over 1.4M followers. He has channels on Youtube and TikTok too. 

Facebook  Youtube  TikTok 

It’s me SF










She is a popular Burmese influencer in Thailand who grew up there. She creates lifestyle contents about her traveling and lifestyle, sharing important information, reviewing products and services in Thailand. She can speak Thai fluently and also make teaching Thai videos. Her channel on Facebook has over 400K followers and is available on Youtube as well. 

Facebook  Youtube 

BOYMK – บอยเอ็มเค








He is also a popular cooking content creator in Thailand. He can cooks both Burmese and Thai menus. After the cook, he entertains by eating it. Sometimes, he used to promote some seasoning brands from Thailand. His channel on Facebook has 1M followers and is available on Youtube and TikTok too. 

Facebook  TikTok  Youtube 


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