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Uncovering Thailand’s CLMV Hospital Market through Medical Tourism

Why Thailand is The Destination for Medical Tourism?

Patients seek medical care internationally due to short waiting times, lower costs, and availability of specialised treatments or procedures that may not be available or affordable in their home country. In 2019, the Ministry of Public Health conducted a survey which found that Thailand’s ability to provide high-quality medical and wellness services at a more affordable cost than other countries is the main factor that attracts tourists to its medical and wellness.

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How Do Myanmar Migrants Choose a Smartphone?

There are around 2 millions of registered Myanmar migrants in Thailand by working as construction workers, agriculture workers, factory workers and ​​doing other different types of  domestic works by not including undocumented migrants.  This is a numerous market size, especially for necessary product like smartphone. If you’re in a smartphone industry, it’s time to explore about smartphone for Myanmar migrants, how they choose it, how they buy, and what their behaviors are like.

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